One-Timers with … Johnny Hrabovsky

Photo courtesy of Air Force Athletics

One-Timers is a periodic feature on the AFA Flight Path that includes a series of rapid-fire questions with a Falcons hockey player. Senior defenseman Johnny Hrabovsky is an every-situation standout for the Falcons. We caught him between shifts recently and fed him some saucer passes, which the captain hammered.

Flight Path: What is the best part of the Air Force Academy experience?

JH: Knowing you’re setting yourself up for a good future. Hockey is a really fun time, but up there you learn so many leadership skills. I’m hoping to do something with business, and I’m learning good business skills in the classes we take.


Senior captain Johnny Hrabovsky was a second-team all-AHC selection last season. Photo courtesy of Team DMI

 FP: Is there one area of business that appeals to you?

JH: I would eventually like to have my own company. That’s well down the road.

FP: What is the breakfast of champions?

JH: Some sort of eggs. I would say an omelet or over easy eggs with toast, and some cereal and fruit.

FP: Are you superstitious about any of your gear?

JH: I was in the past but not so much any more. Gear no, but routines yes. Goalies are more particular about it, but I’m not.

FP: Are there any “routines” you can tell me about, or are those state secrets?

JH: No, I can tell you. After we do our off ice warm-up and have a speech in the locker room, I go do my own meditation. Then we go out to warm up on the ice. That’s about it.

FP: Is there a comedian in the locker room?

JH: We have a lot of funny guys. Tyler Ledford is a funny kid. Shane Starrett is a funny guy. Tyler Rostenkowski I’d say is funny. They’re all characters.

FP: What was the highlight of your summer?

JH: I was teaching the survival program. So I saw a couple of our sophomores. I was able to hang out with Matt Serratore a little bit and teach him some stuff. Evan Feno was doing it at the same time I was teaching but I didn’t get to spend time with him. That was a good time.

FP: Do you have a favorite superfood?

JH: Raspberries. I’m a big raspberry guy.

FP: What do you do to decompress?

JH: I watch TV and movies. I like day trading a lot.

FP: Which teammate would make the best President?

JH: Dylan Abood without a doubt.

FP: Is there something about coach Serratore that we don’t know, but we should?

JH: He expects a lot out of you, but he will do anything for any of his guys, players past or present. He’s a great leader.

FP: This wasn’t too bad was it?

JH: No, not at all.


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