One-Timers with … Shane Starrett


Goaltender Shane Starrett backstopped the Falcons to a 16 of the 20 victories a season ago. Photo courtesy of Paat Kelly

Sophomore goalie Shane Starrett wasted little time establishing himself as part of the foundation for Air Force’s successful season in 2015-16. The 6-foot-5 Starrett posted sterling statistics (1.92 goals-against, including a conference-best 1.68 in Atlantic Hockey games, and a .924 save percentage) en route to being selected to the AHC’s all-conference and all-rookie first teams. He took time recently to speak with us about a variety of subjects.

What’s your favorite costume?

I never dress up much for Halloween. That was always my older brother. One of my favorite ones he did was Lt. Dangle and he went into school with the short shorts, a mustache, the glasses. And he won $100 for best costume at our school.

Is there a team comedian?

They’re all pretty funny. I’m a big fan of (Jordan) Himley’s humor. He just gets me. I don’t know if anyone’s not a comedian.

Are you a music fan?

Yeah. I listen to everything. I always love when Reido (A.J. Reid) is controlling the radio. He gets some tunes going in the locker room that get us fired up.

What’s the breakfast of champions?

We got a Dunkin Donuts put in here so as a Massachusetts guy, me and (Matthew) Burchill get our breakfast sandwiches and an iced coffee there every morning.

Which Falcon would you vote for for President?

That’s hard to imagine. I would love to see Johnny Hrabovsky run for President. He’s such a nice guy and I’d love to see his policies. I just want to imagine him going against (Donald) Trump. Johnny being a nice guy and Trump trying to attack him would be fun to watch.

What was the highlight of your summer?

Getting to go home and getting to go to the (Chicago) Blackhawks camp with my brother (Beau, a third-round draft pick) was pretty fun. I spent my birthday with him in Chicago and he never wished me a happy birthday, but that was his choice. Instead he ran me on the ice, I guess that’s his present for me.

Are you particular about any of your gear?

A little bit. I don’t like changing much. I wear a lot of old stuff. There are new models out, but I’m still wearing the old stuff because I don’t like change. When I find something nice I don’t like to change it.

Are you unapproachable on game days?

No, if you’ve seen me on the ice, I would not fall into that category.

Is there another sport you played growing up?

I played baseball growing up. That was fun to watch, too. I wasn’t that good. I went to a prep school where you had to play a spring sport so I played baseball. I totaled six at-bats in 20 something games. But don’t worry, my average was .500.

Is there something about Coach Serratore we don’t know but we should?

He loves watching reruns of college hockey. It will be midnight after a game and he’s watching a Minnesota game that happened five hours earlier. Listening to him upstairs when Sunday football is on is pretty funny. We’ll be downstairs in the basement but you can hear him screaming about the Vikings game.

Did you have a favorite hockey player?

Growing up I was a big Patrick Roy fan. Right now, Pekka Rinne is one of my favorite goalies to watch. When I grew up Joe Thornton was my favorite on the Bruins, and now he’s on the Sharks. Those are three of my top favorite players.

What do you want to go into after the academy?

I’m only a sophomore, I haven’t thought about that.

What about flying fighter jets?

There’s no way I’m fitting in that cockpit.

Thanks Shane!




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