One-Timers with … Phil Boje

Phil Boje



Junior Phil Boje has been a consistent scoring threat from the Air Force blue line this season. Photo courtesy of Russ Backer

The junior defenseman is tied for the Falcons’ lead in points (seven) and goals (three) after eight games. He took time recently to fire away at our questions.

What is the breakfast of champions?

Wheaties for sure! I like Wheaties but usually my breakfast is scrambled eggs.

Did you play other sports growing up?

I did. I played football when I was young, and I played soccer in high school as well as hockey. I always enjoyed playing lots of other sports for fun.

boje_philWhat do you do when you need to decompress?

If I can get away and go fishing, that’s what I like to do. Get in a quick movie or relax on the couch and be lazy.

What’s the biggest fish you ever caught?

I’ve done some carp fishing up in Minnesota, and the biggest one I caught was 16 or 17 pounds. Pretty big, rough fish but they’re fun to catch.

Which Falcon would you vote for for President?

Dylan (Abood). Hands down he’s the man.

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume?

Last year I was Happy Gilmore. That was probably my favorite one I’ve ever dressed up as.

Is there a team comedian?

We’ve got a lot of funny guys, but I’d like to think it’s Kyle Mackey. We used to room together so I know him pretty well, and he’s a pretty funny all-around guy.

Do you have a favorite memory playing at Air Force so far?

Probably beating Denver in overtime (to open the 2015-16 season), 5-4. That was pretty awesome. There were a lot of people here, it was pretty rowdy.

Do you like music?

I do like all sorts of music besides rap. I’m a big country guy. Florida Georgia Line. Old Dominion. They’re pretty good.

Did you have a favorite hockey player growing up?

I did. Nick Lidstrom was a guy I looked up to and a guy I try to exemplify in my game. Obviously, he was a great player so replicating what he did on the ice is what I try for.

What was the highlight of your summer?

I got to go on Operation Air Force so I went up to Idaho. I got to fly in F-15 Strike Eagles. That was pretty darn cool. Definitely the experience of a lifetime. Made me think about becoming a pilot so we’ll see how that works out. I’m not sure what I want to do exactly yet, but I’m thinking about being a pilot for sure.

Is there anything we should know about Coach Serratore that we don’t?

He loves salad. He’s a big salad guy.

Are you particular about any of your gear?

Not really. I’ve had the same shoulder pads since the first year of juniors. I just haven’t gotten new ones. I always tape my sticks the same way, I guess that’s about it.


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