One-timers with … Jonathan Kopacka

Junior defenseman Jonathan Kopacka brings versatility to the Falcons' blue line. Photo courtesy of Air Force Athletics

Thanksgiving is this week, so what are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for this team, my family, having the opportunity to play here. Being around a group of guys that want to get better every day and push each other.

What’s the best part of Academy life?

Obviously the best part is hockey, coming down the rink spending time with these guys on and off the ice every day, spending every weekend with them. We’ve built a tight-knit group. Academically, certain classes are fun. Militarily, it helps you learn to deal with a lot. There’s some fun things we do up on the hill.

How do you balance the three?

It’s not easy. It was definitely hard for me freshman year. The biggest thing is start a schedule. Have a regimen where you’re doing the same thing every day. I go to class, I do a little homework before coming down to the rink, practice, work out, dinner and then back to the books. That every-day schedule has helped me.

What would you like to do in the future?

I’m thinking about pilot training. Maybe RPA, or contracting or acquisitions, some business-type job in the Air Force. I’m trying to keep my doors open and see what I want to do.

What is the breakfast of champions?

On the weekend, probably Mimi’s Café. A lot of guys will go there on Sundays to get breakfast. (At the Academy), it’s probably bacon and egg burrito, maybe a bowl of cereal.

Are you a music fan?

Yeah, I am.

Do you have a favorite style or band?

I’m a big country guy. My favorite is Kenny Chesny, I like Jason Aldean. I saw Tim McGraw here, that was cool. Brad Paisley was awesome.

Did you play other sports growing up?

I played basketball up to the seventh grade. I played coach-pitch baseball. I played soccer up the seventh grade as well, after that it was jut hockey.

Did you have a favorite player or team growing up?

I’m a big Red Wings guy for hockey. My favorite player was Nick Lidstrom. I like Detroit sports a lot. It’s tough being a Lions fan.

What’s your favorite superfood? (Guest question from my junior wingman)

What’s superfood? Do you mean any food? Well, popcorn is my favorite snack.

Is there a team comedian?

Jordan Himley is pretty funny. He tries to keep the locker room nice and loose.

Do you have a favorite road trip?

In our conference, RIT is fun place to go because of their student section. Army’s also great because of the rivalry we have. … Probably the best place I’ve ever played here was at North Dakota. The atmosphere was pretty sweet.

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