One-timers with … Jordan Himley

Air Force falls to DU 4-3 in OT

Jordan Himley has been Air Force’s goal-scoring leader for much of the season. Photo courtesy of Paat Kelly, Pengo Sports

Jordan Himley has displayed a nose for the net, particularly since being paired with center Kyle Haak. The junior winger has 11 of his team-high 12 goals in his past 16 games, including two of the three Air Force managed against Canisius last weekend. Himley’s 12 goals are one more than he had in his first two seasons at the Academy combined.

So who better to feed some sweet dishes to than a good-natured Falcon we’re confident can finish off a one-timer?

What’s your favorite meal?

Chicken parm. The guys will get a kick out of that one.

What’s the best hockey  movie of all time?


Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

No. No I did not – I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing.

What’s your favorite road trip?

The New Year’s trip. We got to stop at New York City, that was a blast being up there for New Year’s. It was a lot of fun.

Was there one particular highlight?

We just went downtown in the city. There were a bunch of people all over the place.Some guys went to Times Square. A couple others went and hung out.

Do you have a favorite hockey memory?

I’d say in juniors I was the only to score in a shootout that went six rounds that ended the game against the Michigan Warriors.

Are you particular about any of your gear?

Oh yeah. I do not want anyone to touch anything, especially when I hang it up. My helmet’s got to be dead center, right against the edge. My gloves have to be pushed in. We get the cleaning lady who comes in and messes everything up – I get rattled. So yeah, I’m pretty particular about where everything has to go.

Are you a music fan?

I like Rise Against, they’re pretty good.

Is there a comedian on the team?

I’d say Brady Tomlak or (Matt) Burchill. Those two clowns are pretty funny.

Do you have a favorite player?

I love P.K. Subban. I know he’s a D, but he’s pretty sick. He’s fun to watch, he brings a lot of energy.

Are you going to lobby coach Serratore to go back on D anytime soon?

No, no, no, no. I’ll stay up front.

Who were your big hockey influences growing up?

My dad (Scott) and my brother. My dad wasn’t too forceful or anything like that. He just took me everywhere. My brother pushed me pretty hard. I worked out with him all the time.

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