One-timers with … Brady Tomlak

Brady Tomlak Photo courtesy of Russ Backer and Air Force Athletics

Center Brady Tomlak was expected to contribute as a freshman, but his role has increased as Air Force has been beset by injuries, and Tomlak has answered the call. Tomlak leads the Falcons’ newcomers with 16 points and has played better as the season has worn on, getting eight points in the past eight games. He’s also one of the team’s most reliable face-off men, winning nearly 59 percent of his draws.

He also held up well taking some of our sweet feeds for this edition of One-timers.

Brady Tomlak

What’s the best part of Academy life for you?

I would say getting down to the rink, hanging out with the guys. School-wise, being able to go to your instructors whenever. They always have a lot of time open which is always nice, especially with how much we’re on the road. That’s probably the biggest perk coming here.

Is there a road trip you’ve enjoyed more than others?

Arizona State was awesome just because it was so warm outside and obviously there’s a younger crowd there, so it’s fun going around seeing everyone.

Would you like the Sun Devils to join Atlantic Hockey?

I could do that trip every year, yeah.

We’re a big fan of breakfast on this blog, so what is the breakfast of champions?

That’s easy, a McGriddle from McDonald’s.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever given?

I got my high school girlfriend a Tiffany necklace one time. I really splurged. I went all out.

I hope she bought you a new composite stick or skates or something.

She took care of me.

Is there one lesson from hockey that has stayed with you?

Probably that you’re never as good as you think you are. It’s a humbling game, you put in a lot of work. Sometimes you get a little high on your horse but there’s always someone better, someone faster. That’s probably the thing I’ve taken away from it the most.

Do you have a favorite hockey movie?

I like “Mystery, Alaska” and “Miracle”

Has “Slap Shot” fallen off the radar with hockey players now?

I watch it. I think it’s still funny. I’ve watched it with my dad.

Who is the team comedian?

My personal favorite is (Kyle) Mackey. Not the loudest guy in the room, doesn’t always join in, but when he does there’s some good quality jabs. Whenever he chimes in it’s always good.

Who was your favorite hockey player growing up?

I’m a big Red Wings fan so Stevie Y (Yzerman), Pavel Datsyuk , Henrik Zetterberg, those type of players.

Are you particular about any of your gear?

I like to dress naked.

What does that mean?

I don’t like to wear anything underneath my gear. A lot of guys like to wear shirts, spandex. I don’t like that.

What you do to unwind from the rigors of Academy life?

I’d say after a good weekend it’s nice to relax with the guys, just put homework aside, school aside. You’re done with hockey for the weekend, so just relax and have fun.

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