One-timers with … Dylan Abood

Air Force tops Niagara 3-1 to sweep the weekend series

Junior co-captain Dylan Abood’s return from injury has bolstered the Falcons’ blue line the past two weekends. Photo courtesy of Paat Kelly

Junior defenseman Dylan Abood returned to the Air Force lineup two weeks ago after missing the Falcons’ first six games of the season with an upper-body injury. His responsible defensive play has helped Air Force win its past three games heading into this weekend’s series at No. 18 Western Michigan. The co-captain and Centennial, Colo., native took time out to fire away at some sweet feeds on the Flight Path this week.

What are you thankful for?

That is a list that would never end. Everything from family to good health to being able to play the game I love to being at a great school, having a bed. There is nothing I’m not thankful for. I’ve been blessed with a lot of opportunities, and I’m very thankful for all of them.

What’s the best part of Academy life?

abood_dylanIt’s hockey, being a part of the guys in that locker room who are recruited for certain characteristics, a certain mindset. It’s something special to be a part of. You don’t get a locker room like that everywhere, and it makes coming to practices, to games, to workouts every day a lot of fun.

How do you balance school, hockey and the military aspects of playing at the Academy?

It is a major challenge, and you have learn how to manage your time and sort things out. You have to figure out what your priorities are and stay on top of them. It definitely makes you grow up very quickly, mature very fast. You have that extra dynamic of school and hockey and you have the military to deal with as well. It’s an extra thing you have to manage, but in the end it’s beneficial being able to juggle all three of those.

Since so many of your teammates have told me you’d be the ideal Presidential candidate, I wonder what you’d run on?

I’m really not a political guy. I’m not interested in that kind of game. I’m just not a fan. I prefer to try to stay honest. I don’t want to sell myself out. I’m not saying how that is, but I think you have to sell your soul a little bit if you want to get into big-time politics.

OK, I’ll break it to the guys gently so they’re not crushed, OK?

All right.

Do you like music at all?

Yes. What I listen to depends what type of mood I’m in. It could be country to 90s hip hop to pop music that’s coming out today to death metal if I’m working out. I really like a wide range of stuff, it just depends what kind of mood I’m in.

Did you play other sports growing up in Colorado?

I did. I played a lot of sports – basketball, baseball, soccer – I stuck with soccer for quite a while, and I also played lacrosse in high school for a little bit. In the end I loved hockey too much, and that was the one I had to stick with.

Is there a comedian on the team we should know about?

There’s a few pretty funny guys. There’s lots of characters in that room, always someone around to make you laugh. (Jordan) Himley has got a lot of jokes to crack. He’s an interesting guy. (Shane) Starrett is a light-hearted guy, always releasing the tension when it needs to happen.

Did you have a favorite player growing up?

Drew Doughty of the L.A. Kings was someone I really looked up to. He had the offense, the defense. He threw a nice mean hip check. He was a lot of fun to watch. If I could be anyone growing up it would have been him.

What’s the breakfast of champions?

The one that I probably go to more often than not is the breakfast burrito. I’m a huge breakfast burrito guy. That’s my go-to.

Do you have a favorite road trip?

I enjoy the Boston trips to Bentley or Holy Cross. Last year we got to spend some in New York. The team saw the 9/11 Memorial. I liked that trip. We got to branch out a little bit. Most trips it’s just the plane, the hotel, the restaurant and the rink. We’re here to play hockey.

Are you particular about any of your gear?

Not really. I’ve always worn Bauer skates and continue to, but that’s about it. I’ve used all sorts of sticks over the years.


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